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frontdoor11Craftsman/ Owner Marc S. Haeger is superb in the craftsmanship of art glass windows. He has an unusual discerning eye for subtle colors and is adept in interpreting designs into glass. Marc has exceptional patience and aptness in handling delicate old windows in restoration.

His personal talents and skills include making hand blown glass objects and welding. 

Marc attended schools in San Jose, Ca. where he still lives with his dogs and cat. After graduating from high school Marc had a six year career manufacturing printed  circuit boards. During his involvement of manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards, he managed several different departments; this was very beneficial for learning production process and management of a factory environment, which he has applied to the art glass production of Heager Stained Glass. 

He also worked as an electrician's apprentice, and enjoyed restoring sports cars while attending college.


Artist/ Designer Pat Scarlett Haeger, is an art major graduate of Michigan State University. Her post graduate work was completed at the universities of Michigan, Washington and San Jose State University and she was an art teacher in those states.

In 1976 Pat began specializing in designing church windows. In 1986 she earned a glazing contractor's license and established Haeger Stained Glass with her eldest talented son as a general partner.


Pat's talents include painting & sculpturing and she has many national awards from competitions exhibitions.

Her artistic competence includes a range from realistic to abstract in stained glass. She enjoys making church windows in the style the client's request. Pat is an expert on religious symbolism in art.

Each project that the Haegers take on receives Pat's personal attention in production. She makes the full-scale drawings. Selects the glass and aids Marc in crafting the windows.


Pat Haeger, right, and her son Marc, share a laugh when discussing the window they made together as a team for Peninsula Bible Church in Cupertino. //photo zach beecher
Pat Haeger, right, and her son Marc, share a laugh when discussing the window they made together as a team .

In 1986 Marc and his mother Pat Scarlett Haeger founded Haeger Stained Glass. The partnership of Haeger Stained Glass has completed many major commissions.

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